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About US

The team at Narooma Motors are dedicated to providing quality service and have complimentary skills that provide a large range of expertise in automotive repairs. 

Meet our mechanics and office staff below:

Pete Howe

Placeholder ImagePete has been a local of Narooma for over 20 years and took over Narooma Motors in October 2014.   Since then, the business has flourished and quality of service has risen.  Pete has had over 35 years in the automotive industry and is committed to providing a high standard in automotive repairs and customer service. 

Most often you'll see Pete in the NRMA Roadside Assist truck, helping people with their broken down cars, or behind the counter at the shop, or tending the gardens around the shop (best in the street if i do say so myself).

Qualifications include:

  • Automotive technician
  • Pink/blue slip inspector
  • LPG Inspector
  • Blue Slip inspector
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Engine rebuilding
  • Owner/Director of Narooma Motors and The Narooma Classic and Fancy Car and Bike Show

Bruce Ferguson

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Bruce wouldn't pose for a photo so we snuck one in when he was busy - and he's always busy. From your vintage pride and joy to your brand new off the showroom floor daily driver, Bruce can find everything it needs when it needs it. From vintage brake drums to oxygen sensors, from hard to get lights and lenses to spark plugs to the right oils and lubricants and coolant, our workshop could not function without Bruce.

His time with Toyota has made him an absolute expert at his job here, and this guarantees you the right part when you need it. 

Bruce's basic knowledge of spare parts is second to none, and his job encompasses that along with Customer Service, invoicing, various office duties and basically we can't do without him.





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Starting slow at just three days a week, Ez has proven to be quite the technician. He's learned his trade well with us, and we are proud to say he has passed all his studies and done his time and is now a fully qualified tradesman.

Ezra is skilled in all service techniques, diagnostic scans, and never complains when he's asked to do something bigger and heavier and has replaced many a clutch and a handful of engines.

Ez's sunny disposition makes him very valuable to us and we all think very highly of him. 

  • Qualified Automotive Technician
  • Pink Slip Inspector


daniel mewett

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Daniel is currently our 4th year apprentice and has shown amazing learning ability in all aspects of his chosen trade.

Daniel has seriously good skills with diagnostic equipment and shows no fear when tackling jobs like timing belts on Volkswagens, clutches in Landcruisers and all the nasty suspension work our job requires. 

Daniel will finish his apprenticeship early due to his abilities. 

It's been quite the honour to be part of this lad's journey into skilled adulthood.

jesse evans and harry zideluns

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Harry joined us in his 1st year from Kingfisher Marine. He plods along at a steady rate and is one of the nicest guys we've ever met AND he does very good work and both can be trusted with your vehicle despite his youth.

Add to that, we are yet to see him lose his temper at a job!

Watching him learn and grow is really quite satisfying. 


tom ferguson

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Tom here is our 1st year apprentice, and yes he is Bruce's son. Tom has shown great skills for one so early into his apprenticeship. We can set him loose on an exchange engine and know it will be done well, and in good time especially considering he's but a 1st year.

Tom has had other training in other jobs that have made him an asset to us very early on - like welding - and his father being in the trade so long seems to have rubbed off on him.

And we make him clean everything, and he does an exceptional job.


jeff wales

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Jeff is our Spare Parts Trainee and while mostly limited to the office he has a couple of years of Roadside Assistance under his belt too - so from time to time he's out and about in the NRMA truck.

Spare parts is a far, far bigger job than anyone gives a partsy credit for, and Jeff is learning.

Jeff also works Customer Service, invoicing, and helps keep the front office clean and tidy.