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Monday: 8:00 - 5:00

Tuesday: 8:00 - 5:00

Wednesday: 8:00 - 5:00

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Service: 4476 2080
Spares: 4476 1175

11-13 Graham Street
Narooma NSW 2546

QUICK UPDATE (25 January 2020)

Due to the fires we've had a few dramas and such, much like every other business along the South Coast, but we're all fine and ready to be here when you need us. Spare parts deliveries are back to normal; phones, internet and eftpos all stable! God bless all those fireys and techies out there keeping everything going.

If communications should go down again, the local NRMA truck will make trips around Narooma every hour or so in daylight hours, Kianga and Dalmeny every 2 hours. If you need help and can walk there, come to the workshop on Graham st and wait - Pete will check there every trip first.


The 6th Annual Narooma Classic and Fancy Car and Bike Show is definitely ON again this year - Easter Saturday, April 11th. Now there seems to be a lot of confusion on line about the 2020 calendar and when Easter and Easter Saturday actually is, but the show will be Easter Saturday for sure!

Direct email for information etc is


Narooma Motors provides fast and reliable service on a range of car repairs and servicing.  Our team is committed to high quality work and excel in customer service with the ability to service and repair cars from your old banger to brand new makes and models. From your 70's Datto to your new Commodore, from your Toyota Hilux to your Ford Ranger, we can take care of your pride and joy - or keep your much loved jalopy safe and running sweet. 

We stand by our workmanship 100%.

Narooma Motors also provides NRMA's Roadside Assist for the Narooma area, from Bodalla through to the Bermagui turnoff, and our road service vehicle always carries a good range of NRMA Batteries.

So if your vehicle needs a little love, or just it's regular due service, give us a call.



Meet our Brand New Team Member

This is our brand new Safe-T-Stop plate-tronic brake/suspension/wheel alignment test machine. This is state-of-the-art stuff and we will now be offering a printed report on the overall performance of your car's most important parts with every service and Pink Slip inspection. 

This device is above industry standard and we can now, with absolute conviction, say that we are now better ever, and easily better than most.


Narooma Motors is your Premium Workshop - but we don't charge those monstrous premium rates.